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To round up, it is important to remember the main aspects to take into account to successfully carry out the printing process.

Definition of the aim to achieve.

In general, it is associated with a company or service that has previously carried out a corporate image process.

Printout purpose.

Based on the contents of the previous step, defining the printout purpose is essential. The three variants allowing you to know better what type of printout is convenient for you are communicating, spreading and managing. For each function, there is a corresponding printout you can get. Other criteria used to choose printout may be the target public or the budget you have.

Printout features.

Here, printout format, information definition, printout diagramming and outer and inner design are included.


Here, the register marks, bleeds and binding are included.

Printing type.

It is divided into Offset and Digital.

cut marksOffset: It is the more frequent one, with a higher image quality and it is cheap in long print runs. Its deadlines are wider.

typographiesDigital: Faster but with lower quality. It is cheaper in short print runs.

Printing method.

It is divided into:

spinePaper roll with drying. More expensive, faster, ideal for big print runs.

test printingPaper roll without drying. Cheaper, ideal for small print runs.

Printing processPaper sheet: Higher quality, but more expensive.

Paper choice.

printing aspectsFactors to take into account are grammage (thickness), paper type (plaster, offset) with our without finish (matte or shiny).

Other factors to take into account.

printoutDelivery format, resolution, cut signs, page position, making up, mass backgrounds, typographies and thin weaves.

Final suggestions

pre-printingIf possible, send the project on PDF format.

printingThe document must compulsory include indentation and crosses for guillotine cutting.

printImages must be in high resolution, even though they may appear as optimum on the screen.

print storeAttach typographies.

printoutTake into account the spine size.

variantAdd noise to the color masses, specially if your are going to use digital printing.

communicateMake a test printing at home.

register marks

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paper roll
paper sheet

paper quality

printing quality
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