You must have approached printing because you need to meet the needs of spreading, managing or communicating certain graphic or written information. It is very important that the printing type you choose is appropriate for the need you wish to meet. The printing type you want is determined according to the functions to need to cover or give priority to. The clarity you may have as regards this will make not only the designing but also the printing job easy.

An appropriate choice influences the paper, ink or plate type used during the process. According to that, the previous process of pre-printing will also be more fluent. Thus, we have sorted the printing types according to their adaptation as follows:




Post cards, Flyers, Leaflets,Posters, Labels.


Folders, Envelopes, Stationery in general (Wooden blocks, Diaries, Millimetric papers).


Books, Magazines, Manuals, Catalogues.

It is clear that, for each of these printouts, there are both shared and specific processes. Even so, there are choices you need to consider within each of them, taking into account not only your needs but also your limitations. In this case, some of the factors to be taken into account are quality, price, quantity and size.

According to these data, you can also determine items such as printing type, ink type, quality, grammage, paper quantity, printing clarity or contrast level, color quantity and number of additional processes required (cutting, stapling). For you to get an idea, a black and white printout (two colors), using a high contrast, with a low grammage paper not requiring extra processes, will be much more affordable than a full color printout requiring a higher grammage paper and lot of extra processes.

For all these reasons, there is no harm in reminding that some factors will help you define better what you need in order to determine your printing method:

Defining the printout aim. Here, the message and style for the piece are chosen.

Clarity about the target public and, thus, use of a language and graphics appropriate for such public.

The budget you have.

These are elements you need to take into account when approaching the printing process. This process will be carried out according to them. The clearer your needs are, the more they will help the process to be quickly and effectively carried out.

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