All companies or institutions seeking to spread, manage or communicate certain kind of graphic or written information about themselves or their services that have gone through a previous stage of designing such information need printing.

The printing may also be the final stage on a corporate image process, after finishing the design and analysis of the aims to achieve. In this case, printing is the last stage, where you will carry out the actual production of flyers, brochures, three-page leaflets or postcards you have considered to be optimum to make your company known. In all these cases, it is a stage reached after a previous designing, writing and thorough reviewing process. It is important to remember that there are technical preparations needed for them.

This stage is as or more important than the previous ones, and you need to ensure it is carried out as planned. Thus, we have sorted out and arranged information that will make your job easier, informing and suggesting some practical aspects that, sometimes, go unnoticed.

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